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Topup Dealer & Topup Agent Need!
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Cheap, Easy, Profiting
No good talent needed
No stock needed
Not a pyramid system
Consisten income Internet marketing
No vehicle needed
No product demo needed
None pressure Marketing plan

Be our Mobile Dealer
Product You Need!
Our product is Prepaid Reload. We don't sell book that you won't read about it. We are not selling something with higer price compareto the market. We are not selling something that will make you confuse toconsider. But in the other hand, what we are selling is a product needed to be sell.
Non-Stop Request!
The needs of prepaid is very consisten . For example if Mr.A spend RM60 every month at his reload, for sure he will repeat the spending the same amount or more every month. This is because prepaid has become our daily needs. Through this, Your income in will always be consisten and it will become more and more
No Need Keep Stock
If you need to keep 10 pieces of prepaid card stock, you will need atleast RM5000 not include rental fee or other's fee. But , you don't need a huge model through , you can become a Prepaid Reload Dearler or agent with just RM70(Dealer) /RM40(Agent)
No Risk!
With Register fee RM65 to start your mobile business, ou will purchase prepaid every month. Your brothers, sisters, friends do the same things too
No Monthly Charge &
No Need target hit! no monthly and no need target hit. How much you sell that will be how much you earn. You can do in free time or top you to your own and earn back your commission.It's so easy
Easy Process & Technology!
As long you have a internet or phone with you, and you know how to send SMS, then you can do it. Process automatically through Server Gateway . Every activity and business that you have done will be recorded in real time process by the system. No mistake,No faking . We will show you an example of the member control panel. You may check your commission and agent list, much more.

Why Join Us!
Special designed for our VIP members Introduction system (Referral System) provide duplicate same products website for you, you can easily be introduced, so that your friends, family, neighbors, know your products and services. Your link: the example / username. Now the company has opened a business on the Internet. This business has been in constant growth. If you want to step into the the online business is your best choice if you want to record their own business immediately. warmly encourage you to join our team, so that you can successfully earning your extra income.
Example Commission you earning!
Topup to customer
system deducted
RM3.50 (3.5%)
Tune Talk 100
RM4.50 (4.5%)

Our Products

We still provide Maxis/Celcom / Digi / Digi Super Reload Flexi / XoX / Umobile / Tune Talk / Tron / Italk / NePal Flexi / Indonesia Flexi / MERCHANTRADE and more besides thatm we also can help you to paymet bil postpaid maixs/digi/celcom/umobile bill [Our Product]

You do not have to be afraid of the need to spend a huge money to open a bunch of prepaid card or open a phone shop should at least spend tens of thousand? but we gave you the same opportunity, the same are to earn commissions, and you feel when your friend or yourtheir own at home, reload, and commission myself to draw also want to go out and buy reload card to someone else make this?

Now you can sell prepaid Reload you no longer need to go out, find a phone shop to recharge your cell phone prepaid. You can sell prepaid Reload to your friends, family, neighbors, and get a commission.

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